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[Article: Wiki-eCS-OS/2-USB-Boot-en--Bug-SysInstx-SYS01475 | Discussion ]
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[Edit]1 Problem Descriptions

 Booting from Large Floppy Format
 -->     SYS01475:  "The File OS2BOOT  could not be found"
                   - My translation of ther german MSG :-)

The Large Floppy is prepared with SYSINSTX and the file os2boot is found on the root dir.

Obviously SYSINSTX does not do the job for the Large Floppy Format correctly!!

[Edit]2 Work around: Howto write a correct Boot Record for OS/2 to a Large Floppy

1. Don't use the current sysinstx

                dir  os2 install bootdisk
                29.10.01  23.58      40128           0  SYSINSTX.COM
   It does not do the job correctly.

2. Howto work around the bug

2.1 Use Veit Kannegieser WBOOT program plus his bootcode , part of Veits MEMDISK package

         WBOOT   os2ldr.sek  X:

2.2 Use DFSEE from Jan van Wijk

      The upcomming new  version 8.11  will  include extended support and features for USB MSD
      PRM format and  large floppy format.
      If Veit agrees of the usage of his os2ldr.sek code by DFSEE,
      Jan will integrate the writing of the bootcode  os2ldr.sek to the DSFSEE functions.

My thanks to Veit and Jan for there excellent jobs and to Jürgen for the tip to have a look at MEMDISK.

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