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[Article: Wiki-eCS-OS/2-USB-Boot-en-USB-BIOS-Boot-Support-Compatibility | Discussion ]
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SubWiki: Collecting compatibility information about the hardware BIOS USB Boot Support

 Table 1
 Noteboot         BIOS Revision        USB BIOS Boot Support       Comments
 ThinkPad T22     1.12 2004-04-27      only FDD supported          no USB BIOS boot support
                                                                   for USBMSD, USB FDD only !!   
 ThinkPad T23     1.20 2006-10-31      yes                         USB 1.1 only chipset          
 ThinkPad A31     1.19 2006-11-07      yes                         USB 1.1 only chipset

 Table 2 
 Motherboard    BIOS Revision          Support                    Comments   

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